Decorating Your New Apartment

With the start of a new semester, many students around St. Cloud are just getting settled into a new apartment. One of the most exciting things about moving into a new place is the prospect of decorating and remodeling it to match your personality. Apartments and living spaces are a haven to wind down and seek comfort—where we retreat for a quiet study space and solitude, and where we host our friends for some epic get-togethers. How can you accommodate all this and create the place of your dreams on a budget? Let us help you get started below:


Wall Decals and Hangings

Wall art can get pretty expensive. And you can get forget about your security deposit once you start pounding nail holes into the wall. Decals and hangings are perfect solutions. Wall decals and removable wallpaper come in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns so you can customize your walls in a big way. Wall tapestries can also make a big impact on a small budget!

Other ideas for inexpensive wall decorations are hanging polaroids on a clothesline, using shower curtains (typically cheaper than regular curtains) as window shades or artwork, or painting your own hangings!


mirror-1464840_640Make Your Space Bigger and More Inviting

Apartments and dorms can be tiny as it is, especially if you are sharing the space with a roommate. To make your space seem bigger, use lights and mirrors. Lights will make your space seem brighter and more open, as do floor-length mirrors that will catch the light and add dimension to the room. The combo of lighting and mirrors can be a cheap way to make your space look bigger. Plants can also liven up your apartment and encourage air flow to make your home seem more spacious and inviting.


Thrift and Reuse

Important tip for anyone on a budget: Recycle and reuse! Discover quality items that you can revamp and make your own. Scour late summer garage sales, secondhand shops, antique shops, your parents’ basement, online, and the clearance section of your favorite stores. Sometimes all it takes is some paint or washi tape to give a bookshelf a new look. Revamp an old lampshade to modernize it, paint a kitchen cart and revamp it as a mini bar, or switch up photos in frames.


Smart Organization

Clutter can wreak havoc on a number of things. It can make your space look smaller and make your home less enjoyable to be in. You also may forget about the items you already have and buy multiples of items by mistake. To circumvent these issues, there are a few things you can do:

  • Get rid of unnecessary or duplicate items to cut down waste
  • Sell items you no longer want for some extra cash
  • Invest in double-duty storage, like ottomans that double as storage and a footrest or vintage suitcases as a nightstand and storage
  • Look up DIY hacks for everyday items and food storage


Go Bold

Sometimes buying or making one eye-catching feature for your apartment can create the biggest impact. Make a simple headboard with colorful fabric for a beautiful bedroom. Hang some light fabric on your bed frame to make it a canopy bed. Find a large floor rug to act as a focal point in your living room. Use iron-on transfer to create a statement on your pillows.


Decorating your new place can be exciting even on a budget! Get creative, and get going with these fun ideas. If you are still on the apartment search or for apartment living tips, visit